Set your Data Schema


The Data Schema defines structure of your data in the platform, there is no fixed format where you have to adapt to.

There are 3 ways to set your data structure in the platform.

  1. Upload: This option allows you to upload your data structure from a file. It allows JSON or XML format extension. For instance example.json or example.xml.
  2. Designer. This option allows you to paste your data structure directly.
  3. Editor. This option helps you to configure your data structure using our Data Schema Editor.

Copy JSON or XML

To set your data structure in three different ways:

  1. You can Upload an JSON or XML file;
  2. You can Paste your JSON or XML structure;
  3. You can start adding fields in the editor one-by-one;

In this case we will Paste our JSON structure into to the Output Results, select the Format to JSON, and press “<” to Transform it to the Output Editor.

Schema Editor

In the Schema Editor you can:

  1. Drag-and-Drop records to change the order
  2. Determine the Type of the record:
  3. Insert a new Record
  4. Duplicate a Record
  5. Remove a Record

In this case we will Insert a new Record, new records can be used to save data you can enrich form an App within a Flow.

Save the Data Schema

You can add or edit the Data Schema any time you want.