Create a template


 The online content processors we’re used to today are basic at best. You can absolutely make a normal invoice, email, or another print document with it. And if you want your document to stand out from other default template documents, you’ll have a tough time making it look better.

Content Layout section is a place to create new templates based on the communication channel that you need to use.

A template is a preconfigured layout that you can reuse in new content.

There are four different formats:

  • HTML
  • Plain text
  • Hosted page
  • HTML block

Each format contains its own editor.

New Template

It’s easy to create a new content layout document or template using the Content layout editors. You can start from scratch using our content designer tools without any previous experience or pasting your code directly. Template Designer is a web tool which allows you to design, layout, format and publish most any type of document or publication without needing to use an external software program.

What’s more, the key advantage of our platform is that it offers one editing environment to prepare both print and digital publications for using as an email or letter.

Creating our first template is simple but we need to know in advance which is the document format that we want to use Template


As we mention before, we have four different editors depending on our target. For instances, if we want to send an email we should select the HTML template editor, the plain text editor for SMS, the hosted pages one for custom pages and the HTML block for managing your HTML content in an easier and simple way.