Authorise FullContact app

We have two different apps for FullContact, each of them has a different purpose and a different type of authorisation:

  • FullContact: Used to find information about somebody from the big data.
  • FullContactv3: Used to retrieve information from your contacts imported in FullContact web app.


It only needs an API Key which you can directly get logging in and clicking on “Generate New API Key”.


This one uses OAuth2 and needs more parameters, you’ll get them visiting and clicking on “Create New App”. When you create the application, you’ll need to provide the “Redirect URI(s)” which you can get from Flowize’s FullContactv3 app in the “Authentication” step, then you’ll get the needed “Client ID” and “Client Secret” (see image below).

As defined in their API documentation the following parameters are fixed (now, but they might change in the future):

  • Auth URL:
  • Refresh Token URL:
  • Scope: Get needed ones here, the possible values are:,, contacts.write,, tags.write,,, teams.contacts.write,, teams.tags.write)
  • Access Token: you’ll get it when clicking on “Authorize” button, once the rest of parameters are set and authorisation is confirmed in the pop-up window that will appear.