Simple Facebook Messenger bot

10/09/2018 Ulises 360 views

Let’s create a simple flow that integrates the logic of a Facebook Messenger bot. To see a complete tutorial about how to create a Facebook Messenger bot using Flowize follow this link. This bot is basically going to answer exactly with the same text that the user sends if it receives a message. Also, it […]

Facebook Messenger bot with checkbox plugin opt-in

29/08/2018 Ulises 3488 views

Introduction In this example, we are going to extend the functionality of the Simple Facebook Messenger bot you can find in a previous tutorial, by controlling events from the Facebook Messenger Checkbox Plugin in our flow. This plugin allows you to display a checkbox in forms on your website that allows users to opt-in to receive […]

Ship from Inventory once Invoice is Paid

13/01/2017 Chris van der Veen 266 views

Introduction In this project we will first send an Invoice via E-mail or SMS with an unique Payment URL. If the Payment is Succesfull within 8 days, a Trigger will be sent to the Inventory to ship the product. We used the Payment URL from DigiAccept, the Print, E-mail and SMS-platform are from AddComm. Start […]

Send a Twitter Private Message or SMS

12/01/2017 Chris van der Veen 218 views

Introduction It is possible to send Private Messages to you Twitter followers. In this project we are going to try to send a private message via Twitter, if we don’t have a Twitter-name or he/she is not following you we’ll send a Text Message. Start The data we use within this Flow are at least: […]

E-mail with bounce check + Print

12/01/2017 Chris van der Veen 183 views

Introduction This is an example of how to try to send an e-mail if there is an e-mailaddress available and if the e-mailaddress is correct (did not bounce). We are using the MegaMail platfrom to send the e-mail and using their Webhook. If there is no e-mailaddress available or the e-mail bounces the Printprovider receives a datafile included […]

Offer based on Current Temprature on Postal code

12/01/2017 Chris van der Veen 135 views

Introduction In this project we will send a Text Messages depending on the current temprature on a location (postal code). Therefore we are using the Apps from OpenWeatherMap and the Text Messages Service from AddComm. Start The Flow will automatically start when the data is received. The data fields for this Flow we need are:, […]