Creating my first HTML template

27/02/2017 Ulises 484 views

To create our first HTML template we have to go inside “Documents” menu option and click on “Templates” menu item. On this view we should click on “New Template” button displayed on the top right corner of the screen. Doing it, a new view is shown where we have to select between HTML or PDF […]

First steps

11/01/2017 Chris van der Veen 217 views

1. Connect your Data Many components in the platform are using the data-structure you set. Therefore, it’s important to setup the Data Schema first! 2. Choose or Create Apps Connect the system to every API worldwide available. This could be your own API or get it from the MarketPlace. 3. Craft your Personalized Messages Create […]

Set your Data Schema

09/01/2017 Chris van der Veen 300 views

Introduction The Data Schema defines structure of your data in the platform, there is no fixed format where you have to adapt to. There are 3 ways to set your data structure in the platform. Upload: This option allows you to upload your data structure from a file. It allows JSON or XML format extension. For instance example.json or […]

What is Flowize?

03/12/2016 Chris van der Veen 949 views