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  • New tab in Settings to export all the Flows and resources from an account to be imported as a project in the new platform. Data won’t be imported (data records, table data, keystore data, etc.), only their structure (table columns, keystore schemas, etc.)


  • Bugfix for JSON containing strings with double quotes


  • Bugfix in the JSONPath engine to make it possible to access a variable like @data.[‘quite.different-key’]@


  • Bugfix in the condition editor where the @ symbols were removed from the variable names
  • Mailgun App updated to their latest API version


  • Including refresh_token feature to OAuth2
  • Some other bugfix related to OAuth2


  • Bugfix in Tables when giving the result of a previous query in particular cases
  • Bugfix in Tables when providing a variable with an array and using the IN operator


  • Bugfix in the Content editor to prevent executing scripts while editing 
  • New function Hash HMAC in Developer Tools App
  • Mew MACRO hash_hmac


  • Improvements in Table queries
  • Bugfix in the report section of the Table App


  • Improvements in performance with the Update Variables App
  • Some improvements in the Report view
  • Bugfix to properly replace @system.error variables


  • Fixing an issue about the way we retrieved the Managed Service tickets.
  • Fixing an issue in the SMTP app.
  • Fixing an issue in the Zip folder function of the FileManager app preventing the zip files from being unzipped in Windows.
  • Increasing the time the system will try to evaluate MACROs.


  • Some improvements in the Managed Service
  • Some improvements in the database models
  • Fixing an issue when deleting some conditions
  • New App and MACRO to execute Excel-like formulas (Spreadsheet formulas)


  • All database models improved, now data is retrieved faster


  • Fixed an issue in the content builder preventing to include script tags
  • Attachments in comments are now possible in the Managed Service
  • We can get the charts data in JSON format adding output=json in the Analytics dashboard URL
  • New function “Generate public URL” in the File Manager app
  • New functions “ZIP files” and “ZIP folder” in the File Manager app
  • New Signhost app
  • New functions for Amadeus app: Get reservation for checkin, Get available room types for upsell, Get registration card data, Set registration card data, Upsell reservation, Auto assign room number.


  • Introducing Tables, now you can create your own data tables to store information. You can store strings up until 512 characters, integer, float and date-time values.
  • You can search in your tables by your indexed columns and you can use @table.mytablename@ to replace values in your contents and other Apps.
  • When you create a table, a new App is created related to that table so you can easily SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE data from it within your flow.
  • In the variables popup across the whole platform, you’ll find the Keystore variables together with the new Table variables in a tab called “Database”.
  • You can create queries directly in your Contents to access information in your Tables.
  • In the API, there is a new endpoint to SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE to manage data from your Tables.
  • Fixed an issue in Scheduler option “Recurrent date and time”.
  • Fixed an issue in new Content Builder reverting macros and variables.


  • Bugfix in My data when searching by date.
  • Improvements in Managed Service’s tickets to show relevant information.
  • Reserved hours are now displayed in the Managed Service.
  • Now the different users can “watch” a ticket in the Managed Service to receive notifications about the comments and changes.


  • The storage size is now properly shown logging with a partner account.
  • Improvements in the way the “run a flow” object is handled by the workers.


  • Data Gateways are now operative so you can use Flowize to execute database commands in your servers getting feedback.
  • Now, if you’re going to delete a condition from the section Conditions, you’ll get notified about the contents and flows that are using it.
  • Bugfix for some values that were encoded when using attr-dynamic.
  • Removed some useless operators in the conditions.
  • The <textarea> fields in an app configuration were missing the MACRO buttons.
  • Now the user will get notified via email when receiving a comment in one of his tickets in the Managed Service.
  • Improvements in the way to edit HTML tables in the new content editor.
  • Added @system.datarecord.environment@ variable in the flows to check if a data record is running as a test. The possible values are test and prod.


  • Bugfix in Twitter App function to send direct messages.
  • SMTP app now stops the data record in case of an error.
  • Bugfix for the links in the comments of a Managed Service ticket.
  • We process the CSV in a more optimal way.
  • Some improvements in the batch wizard overview.
  • Improvements in the way the batches are handled by the API, now they’re processed faster.


  • Introducing Managed Service for Partners and for Customers. Now you can buy Support hours, request tasks and follow their status.
  • Now it’s possible to edit the App parameters in a published flow. The change will affect all the running data records.
  • Now you can edit the HTML source code using the new Content Builder.


  • We now prevent the workers from entering an infinite loop due to certain top-level errors.
  • Bugfix when replacing nested Keystore variables.
  • Better use of the cache.
  • Improved the way the workers handle errors.


  • The new content editor is live and now it will be easier to edit and create HTML contents.
  • My Data section has been improved and the reports now have more information about the execution.
  • New actions are available in My Data section. You can now restart a data-record, move it to another flow or mark it as reviewed.
  • New dashboard for customers and partners with more statistics about the system
  • New types of interfaces to map your data (multi-record and single-record file formats) so it will be easier to map files like SWIFT, CSV, etc.
  • Partners now can invite users to a customer account in their customer overview.
  • When testing a flow, that data-record will be labelled as TEST and if the flow has “run a flow” or “move to flow” objects it will go to the latest version, doesn’t matter if its status is draft or published. To send a TEST to the API we need to attach this header X-Environment: TEST
  • The performance has been improved in some views and in the thread’s process.
  • Now variables can be used inside variables like, so first will be replaced resulting in, later replaced by the value of that parameter Jhon, for example.
  • We have fixed known bugs.
  • Database connections have been reduced to improve performance and introduce a new caching system.


  • Fixed error in the Magentov2 App.
  • Hide in the report the values of password type parameters.
  • Added two new functions to Developer Tools app, to Encrypt password and to Verify password.


  • Updated the params replacement adding slashes and escaping quotes when needed.


  • Added “String length” method to plugins.
  • An improved search of webhook responses.
  • Now we always put the data record to status RUNNING and we only put it back to NOT RUNNING if it had the status RUNNING before.
  • Solved an issue getting the ID of the flow in case of an error in the record.
  • Optimizing the way the workers get the variables regarding an app in particular.
  • Fixed bug in the parsing URLs and payloads.


  • Fixed an issue when replacing variables and MACROS used in the Object params in the worker


  • Including the <li> tag in a dynamic Row.
  • The Dashboard has been simplified and now the Workers running info is more accurate.


  • New Content builder: Fixed issue of global undo after modifying content with TinyMCE.
  • In the Move to Flow, if no flow is selected, we stop the execution of the flow.
  • Fixed query when retrieving the versions of a Flow in Cloud.
  • In the Get Keystore data, if we get a “Duplicate entry” error we try the get the data, instead of saving a new one.


  • Fixed issues in the new Content editor.
  • Fixed issue with JSON inside JSON in the worker when parsing the payload.
  • Reorganized the cronjobs.


  • Fixed issue regarding as super admin role it was not possible to set up whitelist IPs in a partner.
  • Included Filters in the data dashboard and improved the views in the Customer and Partner settings providing more information about those filters.


  • Fixed performance of Batches preventing too many inserts in the API.
  • Created data-dashboard URL so Partners/Customers can view their data running.


  • Optimising the regex that gets the charsets of an HTML.
  • Create function Exist Keystore data just to check if a key exists without creating it.


  • New Report in Data records, with more information.
  • Fixed the way the Webhooks responses are used in global and normal webhooks.
  • Stability improvements.


  • Removed the possibility to add Virtual Columns to search faster in Data.


  • Fixed bug when saving a direct URL that has no plugin app associated with it.
  • We only put the data record as finished if the run a flow stack is empty.


  • In the queue, only the update is done on a transaction.
  • Also now we use the isolation level to “read committed”.
  • Fixed the data records search by Status.
  • When recovering orphan data records, we only update the current step if the last step was a decision_timer, event+decision or decision.